Partners for Possibility annual celebration event


At a recent PfP celebratory event, Sabelo Makubalo, school principal, and Irené celebrated  the fruits of their relationship and how it has brought about meaningful changes at Sophakama.

Together with the Books and Beyond Team they had an opportunity to present their strategic plans for the school. Including the programmes that have already been implemented. These are, among others, the after-school Year Beyond programme and the morning English literacy programme.


Sophakama was one of three schools who presented at the event. Detailing the impact that PfP has had over time in promoting quality education.

We were very grateful to see the result that Sophakama has made and just want to say thank you to the Books and Beyond team and Sabelo for your hard yards to intentionally build a closer relationship with the WCED over the last chapter of time.

That has come as a direct result of the positive results that they have observed. I felt very encouraged with their strong words of support. This increased support will obviously allow us to dial up our efficiency and impact at Sophakama. I am very grateful for that.

However, I  believe that the even greater benefit to the cause will be the impact that this strengthened relationship will have on other schools.

We can expect to see many more PfP partnerships being established at an increasing rate. We can also expect to see closer collaboration with the WCED from an early stage onwards.

Lastly, We were fortunate enough to have been entertained by 60 choir members of Sophakama.

Once they filled the room you could feel the warmth of their song fill the hearts of all the people attending.


They definitely ended off the night on a high note…

…Thank you for making Sophakama proud.


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