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Rogz Utility Stop-Pull Harness

Perfect for strong pullers, Rogz Utility Stop-Pull Harnesses provide additional control and helps with training. Gentle pressure applied via the soft, puff rope under your dog’s front legs during Stop-Pull action aids in behaviour correction and halting your dog. A padded chest plate offers additional comfort and support while double reflective stitching provides night-time visibility. There is a Classic Lead attachment for everyday use via the puff rope O-ring and a Multi Lead attachment on the front chest pad for Stop-pull control and Two-point steering. A stow-away elastic loop on top of your dog’s back holds the O-ring and puff rope in place while your dog is off lead. Ensure the puff rope is pulled tight through the B-ring to prevent it coming loose. Fully adjustable with highly reflective stitching for night-time visibility as well as box-stitched joins and high-quality webbing add strength, durability and safety.

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Product features

Double reflective stitching for night time visibility
Ergonomically contoured high strength components and stitching
Front chest lead attachment for Double Stop-Pull Control and Two-Point steering
Fully adjustable
Highly durable
ID-tag attachment
Puff rope and padding for extra comfort and support
Stow-away elastic loop for walking off lead

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