Reading brings children together!

A group of 48 Grade 2 learners from Sophakama Primary School recently had a visit to the Grade 2 learners at Elkanah House Blouberg campus.

The feedback from the Elkanah teachers and learners about the visit has been very heart-warming.

Everyone loved the day and there was lots of playing and sharing. The Grade 2 Elkanah learners, without prior planning, formed a guard of honour when the Sophakama learners arrived!

From then on, the learners needed no prompting to play and could not wait to mingle. The learners were paired off and each Elkanah learner read a short story written in Xhosa to their Sophakama partner.

The Sophakama learners loved listening to the Elkanah learners reading their Xhosa sentences and singing Xhosa songs. They also played board games in groups.

Learners were given some time to play a quick game of soccer, walk around the school and look at the farm animals and alpacas and play on the jungle gym.

Just before the Sophakama learners left, they were each presented with a wrapped book gift. The Elkanah learners had used their profits from their individual stalls at Entrepreneur’s Day this year to each purchase a book for their partner on this visit.

Di Stanford, the organising teacher, said that it was a day in her teaching career that she would cherish forever! 

She complimented the Sophakama learners on their excellent behaviour and has emphasised that this visit is the first of more to come.

Thanks Elkanah and Sophakama for getting children together!

We look forward to hearing more about further visits.


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