Reading fun starts again!

Reading sessions began today for our fourth year of the English Literacy Programme. A new group of Grade 2 learners were assessed last week and 30 have been selected.

To set everyone at ease, we began the session with a fun rhyme and then volunteers and learners were paired off. Each volunteer works with two children and it was awesome to see how quickly the learners responded to the individual attention from their volunteers.

Learners will do paired and shared reading, play games and practice writing and comprehension over the next year of the programme.

We know that, over time, they will settle down and develop enough confidence to help their peers with English in the classroom. This way, the programme also assists other learners who were not selected.

I was reminded today that volunteers enjoy the reading sessions just as much as the learners do. Driving them back to our meeting place, it was inspiring to hear everyone sharing today’s rewarding experience. We are all looking forward to our time with these learners!


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tracy Farquhar on


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