The English Literacy Programme attracts volunteers of all ages and backgrounds.

Roza is an international student visiting from the Netherlands. A Business Administration student, doing her internship at Rogz, she heard about Rogz Academy Books and Beyond’s project at Sophakama Primary School in Dunoon.

Feeling inspired to make a contribution to the extended Rogz community during her stay here, she has spent her Tuesday and Thursday afternoons volunteering for our English reading programme at the school.

Our programme focuses on reading English with Grade 2–3 children, developing their confidence to read by themselves and improving their comprehension. The best part about being involved, says Roza, is watching shy and nervous children (at the start of their session) become more relaxed and full of smiles by the end of the session, especially after the fun games and activities! Thanks Roza!

Our English Literacy Programme began again today, after our holiday break. Learners and volunteers are excited to be back at reading. Thanks to all our volunteers for their efforts and we look forward to a good term ahead!

Every volunteer succeeds in making a difference! Contact if you would also like to be involved!



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