Rogz Academy Intern Appointment!

Rogz Academy appointed their first intern January 2021!  Samkelo Jada – Yeboneer from 2020 – she will assist with administration and a big focus will be on her personal/professional development by connecting her with a coach as well as providing her with a personal development plan. We look forward to working with her this year and to watch her grow and develop.

Inspirational words from Samkelo Jada:

“I was fortunate enough last year to have been amongst those chosen to execute the YearBeyond program in the Dunoon schools, and more so now to be a mentor. For me what it means to be a mentor in this community, is that it is a platform to influence, to grow and support the youth of my community and essentially be a positive role model. Also to know that my efforts will spark changed mind-sets, which will trickle down to the learners in the schools, the community and ultimately break cycles.”

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