ROGZ Australian Visitors

We were fortunate to have a repeat visit from Shane Young & Suzie from PETstock in Australia following their visit to Sophakama in 2017.

Shane and Suzie were back in SA to earn their back to back medals by completing the Comrades “down” run this year after successfully completing the same 90km “up” run last year !!! CONGRATULATIONS on 180 km of crazy endurance.

Congratulations also to Maggie and Spike that were dragged along from Australia to join them on the run and who successfully completed their first Comrades – what a proud achievement !

Allan & Melissa (also from the PETstock family) were able to join the group in Cape Town to visit RWHQ.

They were treated to a warm African welcome by the ROGZ Engine Room who always love it when customers pop in to come and see how the products are made. The singing was especially enthusiastic as the PETstock team went out of their way to treat each and everyone at ROGZ.

We are very grateful for the generous financial contribution which we received from the PETstock team + friends and family

Seen below are Janine, Paul, Maggie, Irené, Shane, Suzie, Melissa and Allan.

Thanks to Shane, PETstock and team for your continued support enabling the ROGZ Academy Books and Beyond to continue to make an impact on the lives of the children at Sophakama.


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