A Brief introduction to ROGZ as well as the Partners for Possibility program with a quick overview of our partnership with Sophakama. Introduction to the team heading up the Literacy project and progress made to date. Discussing WCED strategic objectives to ensure that our goals are aligned with theirs as well as Opportunities for greater collaborations between ourselves and the WECD.Sophakama’s LOLT change and LOLT in general.

There were an in-depth discussion on understanding.

  • What the particular Grade 1 focus is for Sophakama and how we can assist with this
  • Aspirations for a full-time literacy manager
  • General discussion to improve our understanding of the physical capacity of Sophakama and schools in Dunoon


We were very pleased to see how much our objectives are aligned with those of the WCED. We learnt a lot from our conversation and are enthusiastic about the prospects of working closer together into the future. I was especially encouraged to see how well the team from our “Books and Beyond” campaign is already linking up with your team. We see this as our flagship project and have great vision for how much impact this can have at Sophakama !!!

We wish to thank the WCED for all your efforts at Sophakama. It was very interesting to learn of the specific challenges that the WCED face and we will certainly do our best to assist in overcoming some of these obstacles.

Note: click HERE to read more about current initiatives


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