The second presentation for the Year Beyond Programme’s Social Innovation Challenge was held on 8 September.

Our Sopakhama volunteers were very nervous and excited to present their ideas. The theme “How to maximize teaching in under- resourced schools” was taken a step further, with groups from different schools coming up with their creative ideas on how to resolve the issues they presented in their first challenge.

The main issues raised initially were put down to a lack of communication between all parties; parents, teachers, learners, principals and departments.

Some interesting thoughts were presented, ranging from smart phone apps to stationary boxes and flashing water devices!

The volunteers who won this second round of the Innovation Challenge had the idea of transforming classrooms into Visual Learning Rooms or VLOOMS.

It was an energetic morning and we were entertained, with a delicious lunch served afterwards.

We look forward to the third and final round of this challenge next term!


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