Self Development Sessions

Yeboneers continued with their self-development sessions starting with skills development.

Each Yeboneer was given an opportunity to start sessions with an energizer.  During the session individuals had to indicate which skills they’ve mastered the last 6 months, which skills they would like to develop further and 2 new skills to be learnt.  These sessions created space for self-reflection. This was then discussed with a colleague to encourage commitment.  A very valuable exercise.

These sessions were followed by a session on Active Citizenship.  A cause very close to our hearts.  Yeboneers had to define this term, create posters to elaborate and commit to a cause that they’re passionate about in order to display this in a practical way.  Some of the projects identified were to plant a vegetable garden to supply to the community, initiating a reading corner in the street, providing a ‘baby sitter’ service to children 1-7 years etc.  All inspiring initiatives to support their community.


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