Self and team development continues!

The second workshop and information session for the Teacher Self and Team Development Programme was facilitated by Bryan Opert (Quantum Learning) on Thursday, 4 May at the Rogz offices in Montague Gardens.

This session was attended by the five Heads of Department (HOD’s) from Sophakama Primary School.

During the session Bryan again provided the background theory of the Lumina model, just as he did with the principal and his deputies in February.

The four colours (red, blue, green and yellow) were explained in an interactive way. Teachers had an opportunity to identify their colours and those of their team members, by playing a fun ‘card game’.

After a short break or two, the teachers continued to complete their personal online questionnaires during the session. Bryan was on hand to clarify understanding of questions.

The session was very successful and generated some interesting discussions.

We look forward to providing one-on-one feedback to teachers, based on their individual portraits and then arranging a session with the full School Management Team (SMT). We hope to use this momentum to address challenges within the team and/or the school environment.


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