Self and Team Development SMT feedback sessions completed!

The Self and Team Development programme continues to gain momentum.

Bryan Opert, the Quantum Growth consultant, completed his last 2 feedback sessions with the School Management Team (SMT) members on 13 June 2017.

The 1 hour individual sessions were based on questionnaires completed by each team member (8 SMT members in total).  Bryan used the colour wheel to explain the combination of colours for each individual portrait.

Characteristics of the different colours, reflecting individual personality traits:

Red – takes charge, competitive, purposeful

Blue – observing, evidence-based, reliable

Yellow – spontaneous, imaginative, sociable

Green – adaptable, collaborative, intimate

Every individual has all 4 colours within their profile, however a primary and secondary colour is what distinguishes individuals and how they behave. This can be linked to all aspects/environments in their lives.

The portraits were mostly an accurate reflection of how each team member relates to situations at home and at school.

This 24-page report provided educators with an in-depth explanation of their colours, strengths and weaknesses and also how to relate to others within their team and in their leadership roles.

The next step of this programme will be to conduct a workshop with the SMT team to understand the different profiles within the team and how this can be used effectively to enhance relationships and ultimately improve team performance. Everyone is looking forward to it and we can’t wait to see how this process unfolds.

We’ll keep you updated!



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