Self/Team development programme launched at Sophakama Primary School

The strategic plans for Sophakama Primary School are progressing!

a New project was launched on Friday at a Meeting with the Principal and teaching staff.

The Books and Beyond project team, in particular, Louise Retief, with the assistance of Bryan Opert from Quantum Growth, will be assisting Sophakama’s teachers in a self-evaluation process.

The teachers will complete individual questionnaires. Afterward, each teacher will receive 45 minutes of Bryan’s time to understand their own personal personality traits, using the outcomes of their questionnaire.


The end goal is to ensure that once each teacher understands their own traits, a portrait of the full teaching team can be developed.

Workshops will be held with teachers from each grade (Foundation and Intermediate Phases), together with their Heads of Department. This will address challenges and build on the strengths of the team.

This will assist the team to work together better and be more aligned with the common goal. This also ensures that Sophakama becomes a School of Excellence!

Obstacles to high standards of learning and teaching will hopefully also become more evident as the teachers work together as a team.

We look forward to hearing more about it as it unfolds and is very excited about this project.

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