Shine Literacy troubleshoots for YEBO

Shine Literacy recently facilitated a troubleshooting session with the Year Beyond Programme (YEBO) volunteers. The Shine English Literacy Programme is used in conjunction with the Year Beyond Programme at Sophakama Primary School and other primary schools. ‘Feel good’ stories were shared and challenges related to helping learners on the Literacy Programme were discussed.

Useful tips shared by Shine included ideas for ice-breakers and games; ‘acting out’ stories; changing stories by being creative and using imagination (e.g. creating new characters etc.); how to engage with a noisy/energetic groups and how to ask questions that check comprehension.

Main challenges included how to successfully engage with educators and communication problems experienced with some learners. Practical examples were used to illustrate ways of managing these issues.

Volunteers left the session feeling energised and more equipped to cope with difficult situations. They are looking forward to the next troubleshooting session with NumberSense, the Maths/Numeracy part of the YEBO Programme.                                                                                                                                                                                                    





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