Shoes Donation

Following the KONG visit to the school where the choir sang for them, they donated their last Rands to Bruti to see how many pairs of shoes he could secure for the choir kids. Bruti used his old cobbler connections to secure 60 pairs of Buccaneer shoes which were handed over today.

IMG_5746 IMG_5750 IMG_5766

Huge thanx to John and KD from KONG for their very kind donation and thanx to Bucaneer for their generous contribution so that we could put new shoes on all 60 choir members. It is our privilege to be able to hand it over and see their joy … It was a special privilege for me personally since I was able to take my Dad & my sister Karin, who is visiting from Botswana, along to share the experience. The choir responded to the occasion by singing a spontaneous song for Oupa – a moment to cherish!

Big thanx also to Lucille, Charlene, Lucky and Bruti for arranging and making custom aprons for the kitchen volunteers to brighten up their days. And while we are sharing good news – it is great to know that the new school building is progressing well and remains on track for occupation at the start of 2015 – YIHAAAAAAAA !!!!!

Thanx for all your support


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