Simbulele has advanced to Grade 10!

So… as we were all waiting in anticipation, we are proud to announce that Simbulele has advanced to Grade 10!

This is a big step in Simbulele’s career as her marks have a great influence on the subjects she chooses for next year.

She is an ambitious young lady and has set some high standards for herself in the coming year.

With the opportunity that she was given she had a chance to choose her subjects which included:



Business economics

Computer Applications Technology (CAT)



This was a huge decision and in order to qualify for a spot in each of these classes she had to meet or exceed the following scores:

Maths 60%

Accounting 60%

Home language & Additional language 50-59%

Without any further ado here is Simbulele’s Report card for Term 4:


Once again Simbulele has proven that she has what it takes to make a success, and with the right attitude, anything is possible.

We celebrated this by having waffles at Spur and gave her a special gift of time so that she never misses a class J


Well done Simbulele on your achievements we are super proud of you.

Love your Rogz Family.



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