Size Does Matter…

If you are considering a canine companion for your dog, consider how well matched the dogs will be physically. Will they be more or less the same size? A good pair and able to keep up with each other? Imagine how frustrating it is for a Rottweiler puppy to try to grow up with a Yorkie, who doesn’t want to play with him! A small adult dog will be at best overwhelmed, or worst, terrified of a puppy bigger and heavier than he is.

While there are plenty of examples of dogs of very different sizes who are the best of friends, it is generally easier if, when they are grown, your two dogs will have about the same level of energy and weight to wrestle with.

While it may seem quirky to have, say a Great Dane and a Chihuahua, this may not be the most sensible pair of dogs to have. The much larger dog will have to spend his life being careful not to hurt his little friend and the tiny dog will always be watching his back to be sure he is not accidentally stepped on!

If you do want two dogs of vastly different sizes, it is best to get the larger dog first and help him grow into a very well socialized adult. Get a tiny pup second. A large adult with a small pup is a more sensible match, than a very small adult, who has to try and contend with a puppy much larger than him.

“If you want a good dog, you need to be a great owner!”

Karis – aka Rogz Wrangler

(c) Karis Nafte 2014

Great Dane and Pup

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