Social innovation challenge 2017 launched for YeBo volunteers

The Social Innovation Challenge of the Year Beyond Programme combines the theoretical learning and the practical experience of our young YeBo volunteers.

Over the course of the year, they are guided through an intense design process, and challenged to develop innovative solutions to real problems faced by schools in the Western Cape. Through this process, they are given presentation skills and taught how to work effectively as a team.

And the topic for 2017 is … How do we maximize teaching time in low-resourced schools?

Our Sophakama volunteers were partnered with a high school and will have to formulate three presentations for the course of the year. There is a panel of esteemed judges who will select the winners of each presentation and fantastic prizes can be won. Our first presentation will be on the 9 June 2017.

We are very excited to watch our volunteers grow through this endeavour and will keep you updated.

Join us on this journey!


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