Sophakama Grade R visit to Elkanah House

We were very thrilled to have been invited to a fun day at Elkanah, where 50 Sophakama Primary students spent the day, which started off by an English puppet show. Providing a good opportunity for the Xhosa learners to be exposed to English…

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The learners were very delighted and the expressions on their faces proved to have brought joy to many, Having  fun was all set for the day…

…After the show, the students were spoilt to food and snacks in gift parcels provided by the Elkanah Grade R learners and were welcomed by the rest of the grade R students where they played together whilst building friendships.

The Teachers and children gained a lot of experience and insights from the other teachers and the relationships built were a great memory shared by everyone.

Thank you, Elkanah and Books and beyond for your ongoing support for opening your doors to this wonderful day.

We enjoy every opportunity to build momentum by inspiring others around the community to get involved in similar ways.

Love your Rogz Family

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