Sophakama Primary school visit with Fritz Gerke

It was our privilege to take Fritz Gerke on a visit to Sophakama recently where he had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Sabelo as well as many of the learners.

Fritz is the ROGZ key account manager in Europe and has been an enthusiastic financial supporter of the ROGZ Academy for many years so it was a pleasure to share the Sophakama experience with him.

We were welcomed by many grade R learners who are excited about the Holiday. It was a pleasure to take Fritz there and to see the beaming faces of so many of the teachers as well as the children.

We would like to thank Fritz and his partner Anne for their generous contributions which has empowered the ROGZ Academy Books & Beyond to continue making a difference.

Furthermore, as Sabelo the School Principal took us through the school we saw quite a lot of progress and we’re proud to see how well the Computer lab and Library is run.

Just as we were about to enter the room we received a warm welcome by the Grade 7 learners. We just had to film the moment as they asked Fritz how he was.

Meanwhile in the Veggie garden we were surprised to see how well the Veggie garden has kept up during the drought and how much water was gathered in the Jojo tanks.

Well done to Sergeant who dedicates his time ensuring that the garden is fully functional and that they are able to produce veggies to the feeding scheme.

These are just a few of many amazing building blocks that have been put in place, all the programmes that were implemented, all the additional people and organizations that have been brought on board and the many lives that have been impacted in ways that we will never know !!!!!

To read more on the Programmes that have been implemented and the team Behind this

Please click here

Sincere thanks to the Rogz Academy Books and Beyond team for your commitment to the cause, your energy and enthusiasm during challenging times and your selfless hearts to sacrifice of yourselves to make a difference and change the trajectory of so many lives ….. forever !!!!


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