The SMT members have made progress in their drive to become a team of excellence!

They have all enjoyed individual discussions with Bryan Opert from Quantum Growth, who is our partner on the Teacher Self and Team Development Programme.

They have had workshops focusing on their individual impact on their team and on team behaviour. Now they will begin to focus on different aspects of Developing Team Excellence – Communication and Values being the first focus.

The eight, enthusiastic members of the SMT team, led by the school principal, Sabelo Makubalo, met on 18 October.

The main objectives of this workshop were:

·         To unpack challenges from the previous workshop; and

·          To assist the SMT in compiling an action plan to

       address these challenges.


 Challenges they agreed should be addressed: (in no specific order) 


Relationship building

* Sharing and openness between team members
* Bonding of team outside the school environment

Team needs to identify vision, team alliance and values

* Clarify roles, responsibilities and protocol
* HOD’s focus leadership only on a specific area and not the entire school

Lack of Delivery and implementation

* Why?

Each member of the team received a questionnaire to complete, prior to the workshop, to initiate the thinking process. Some of the topics in this questionnaire related to strengths within the team and ideas/suggestions to improve team performance.

Bryan Opert opened the workshop with a brief introduction to recap the Lumina colours within the team (Team Mandala) and team stages, discussed in the previous workshop.

Project team member, Louise Retief, and Bryan then focused on addressing some of the challenges as identified by the group in the previous workshop. Colleagues worked together in teams of two to find practical solutions for the challenges above. Each team then had to assign a representative to explain their ‘topic’ and possible solutions/action plan.

Some creative ideas were shared. Unfortunately time constraints meant they were unable to discuss all the challenges in detail.

However, definite progress was made in relationship building and compiling a vision for the team. We look forward to building on this workshop and providing a safe platform for the team to share ideas in an open and transparent manner. Sophakama Primary School can be very proud of this committed, driven and enthusiastic SMT team!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks to Rogz for providing the team with the venue for this workshop. We’ll continue to follow the progress of this programme as it unfolds!


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