Staff self and Team development kicks off at Sophakama!

 The first workshop of the Self and Team Development Programme kicked off on Thursday, 16 February at the Rogz offices.

The principal, Sabelo Makubalo, and his two deputy principals, Amos Siwayi and Mary Nel, formed part of this group.

Bryan Opert from Quantum Growth, facilitated the session and the following was shared:

The Lumina Learning model:

The four colours which form the basis of the model:

  • Red, Blue, Yellow and Green and the characteristics of each
  • The principles of self-knowledge, building rapport, valuing diversity, co-creating
  • results and developing leaders
  • The three personas and how to recognise them.

Participants completed an online questionnaire beforehand and Bryan shared some information on their three portraits and how these relate to the four colours.

Bryan will soon provide one-on-one feedback to Sabelo, Amos and Mary on their individual portraits.

The goals of this programme are to: 

Establish a mentoring programme that provides teaching staff with a platform for self-knowledge

Provide an opportunity for relationship building

Encourage teams to work collaboratively

Create leaders of teams

Provide a non-threatening platform for team members to share their experiences

Break down barriers and be receptive and ready for learning

Create capacity to work optimally in the teaching environment, for example, provide more resources etc.

Everyone shared some interesting thoughts. The next workshop will be aimed at the School Management Team and the programme will be filtered down to the rest of the teaching staff over the course of 2017.

We look forward to building on this initial workshop and assisting Sabelo and his team to achieve their goal:

Transforming Sophakama into a well-performing school!

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