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rhinos08We are at war and it’s a war we appear to be losing. We are facing an uphill battle to save one of the most beautiful, prehistoric, iconic creatures, the Rhino, from extinction. I am a South African, who is deeply concerned, horrified and truly saddened by the brutal killings of our beautiful Rhino. The manner in which Rhinos are poached is, for lack of a better, more descriptive word, disgusting, inhumane and mindless. Done by humans who show no emotions and extreme violence, these Rhinos poached go through an agonizing and painful death, often having their horns hacked off while they are still alive.

We are at war against what can only be described as humanity descending to almost unimaginable depths of greed and cruelty.

For animal lovers, the following examples will be heart wrenching and emotional, but it might be what is needed to get people to stand together, stop closing their eyes to what is happening and do something to ensure that we do everything possible to protect the Rhino and STOP our heritage from being destroyed. William Fowlds (Wildlife Veterinarian, true statesman of Rhino Conservation, responsible for saving possibly the worlds most famous rhino, Thandi, who was poached and survived) – 30/04/2015

“Last week our stretch of paradise was rocked again by rhino poaching. This one I’ll carry with me for a long time to come. It’s heartbreaking. As if the killing of another magnificent mother was not enough, this gang callously shot her tiny baby as well. Less than 3 months old, too small for them to even bother with his horn, they killed him at point blank range as he ran around his dying mother.

STOP RHINO POACHING mascot brutally killed….. – 22/07/2013

MascotWebbanner copyRhino poaching has reached a crisis point, and if the killing continues at this rate, we could see rhino deaths overtaking births in 2016-2018, meaning rhinos could go extinct in the very near future. Figures compiled by the South African Department of Environmental affairs show the dramatic escalation in poaching over recent years – see graph below.


In South Africa alone a staggering 1,215 rhinos were killed by poachers in 2014, that’s one every eight hours. The current stats for 2015 are 550 already.

rhino stat pic 2015 LR

Rhinos have a reached a conservation status of



Should the trend in Rhino poaching continue, these African animals will be poached into extinction as soon as the year 2025.

We cannot continue to close our eyes to what is happening.

The sheer extent of the challenge and the cruelty of what we are up against is overwhelming but we must definitely not give up without a fight.

They will not make it without all of us standing together and doing something!


ROGZ is taking up this fight, as one of our passions. We have provided a number of collars, leads and harnesses to K9 units, all over South Africa, that are used in the fight against poaching.

This is just the start of ROGZ involvement, which we hope, with your support, will grow enough to have a significant and positive impact. If you are interested in joining this cause please contact for more information re-action, donations and how we can help.

Finally, please take a look at this video (link below), it tells the incredibly touching story of the Thandi, the Rhino that showed the will to survive against all odds and motivates me and hopefully others to never give up hope and never stop trying.

Thandi’s calf: the rhino that should never have been born

IMG_0689 L1040501

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