Teacher Team workshops begin!

Our next workshop for the Teacher Self and Team Development Programme was held this week at the Rogz offices in Montague Gardens.

The Grade R and Grade 1 teachers, including the Head of Department for the Foundation Phase, attended. The session was facilitated by our partner, Bryan Opert from Quantum Growth.

This continues the process of working with the Sophakama teachers, exploring individual personalities and how these impact their work as a team.

This session provided an overview of the Lumina Learning model, which uses a questionnaire to identify individual characteristics. Teachers completed the questionnaire and identified their primary and secondary colours, indicators of various personality traits.

The group used ‘colour coded cards’ to identify their own primary colours

(Green, Yellow, Blue and Red) and those of their team members.

They gave accurate descriptions of different personalities within the team and displayed a good understanding of one another and of what was shared during the session.

It was evident that they knew each other well – an awesome start!

Each teacher will be given individual feedback, based on the outcome of their questionnaires. We are excited to see how this programme evolves, as the different teams of teachers participate!

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