The Year Beyond 2018 Challenge: Creating a Culture of Reading

The first Social Innovation Challenge for our 2018 Year Beyond Programme (YEBO) volunteers kicked off last month.

This is an annual project that challenges our young people to come up with innovative solutions to a question relevant to education issues in South Africa.

This year, the topic is: “How do we create a culture of reading?”

There was a surprise mixing up of volunteers from different schools this time around. Previously, each school’s volunteers would have worked together as one group.

This time, our Sophakama volunteers were placed in 6 different groups with volunteers from other schools. The groups had to present the main issues in this first challenge.

The various presentations took the form of talk shows, courtroom dramas and boardroom meetings, to name a few, and were extremely entertaining. The panel of 5 esteemed judges had a tough time choosing the 3 winners.

We were delighted when Uyanda’s group came second, one of our volunteers. They won an awesome prize of a trip up Table Mountain, a ride around the Mother City in the Red Bus and a luncheon out.

We look forward to the next two follow-up innovation challenges.


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