UCT Visits Sophakama Assembly!

As part of the School Management, Curriculum and Teacher Support Programme, our partner, UCT’s School Development Unit (SDU) observes a school assembly.

This is an element of their ‘case study’ of observations, interviews and focus groups.

Patti Silbert from UCT returned to Sophakama Primary School on Friday 17 August, after an initial three-day visit, to observe the morning’s assembly.

She also interviewed the Deputy Principal, Mary Nel, as well as two Rogz Academy Books and Beyond (RABB) team members.

Patti’s comment about the assembly: ‘Imagine if the school could start each day like this!’ – Children were disciplined, but spontaneous. Singing and dancing flowed naturally after announcements. What a positive experience!

Patti and her team are hoping to provide a written feedback report to the SMT and RABB by the end of Term 3.


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