UCT’s Short Courses offered to Sophakama Teachers

Our School Management, Curriculum and Teacher Support Programme has been making solid progress, in collaboration with UCT’s School Development Unit (SDU). After engaging with all stakeholders, ranging from the Principal to Grade 7 learners, the UCT team presented their recommendations to the school.

The support and further development of teachers was one of the report’s recommendations. UCT’s SDU has an excellent track record in providing university-approved short courses to teachers, and the management teams of schools, and they are perfectly suited to fulfilling this need for the Sophakama teachers.

UCT’s courses focus on introducing or re-introducing teachers to curriculum content. This content and the teaching methods used to teach it, form the foundation of all learning. Teachers who develop a deeper understanding of the content are then able to identify or develop the best ways to teach this content. Courses in Maths and English concepts and skills for Grade R–7 teachers will be offered. Good news indeed!

Dates have already been agreed upon and will take place over the next 3 years, starting next term. We can’t wait to hear about progress on these!

Short courses are much more effective when complemented by classroom support and those teachers who complete the short courses will also benefit from this support.

Watch this space for more on these awesome prospects for the Sophakama teachers!


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