Workshop no 3 for self and team development programme! We are making progress!

Our third workshop for the Self and Team Development Programme was held on 18 August at the Rogz offices in Montague Gardens, with the whole School Management Team (SMT).

The team participated in an honest and enthusiastic manner and the session was characterised by open discussions and input by all team members.

 All the SMT members were present except for Mary Nel, deputy principal, who was very disappointed not to attend.

 The main focus of this session was:

·         To provide an overview of the Lumina model and 4 different colours;

·         To understand each individual Lumina portrait within the SMT;

·         To facilitate discussions on future focus areas for the team and to understand challenges within the team.

 Practical exercises were used during the workshop to identify colour combinations.  We then moved on to discussing the characteristics of a leader and relating these to the four colours: Green, Yellow, Blue and Red.


Bryan Oppert, from Quantum Growth, used the Team model to explain the four stages within a team: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

The Lumina mandala offered the team a holistic view on each individual portrait within the team and gave insights into how this impacts team performance.

 Our last hour was spent on understanding needs within the team and discussing challenges.

 We look forward to engaging more with the SMT through this programme (individually and as a group) and then, to introduce it to the rest of the staff at the school. Another step towards Sophakama Primary School becoming one of the leading schools in the Western Cape!


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