YEBO learners paint for the Honey bee

Our Grade 4 Learners on the YEBO programme painted pictures of honey bees for a competition held by the Yamada Bee Company in Okayama, Japan.

Biblionef South Africa introduced our team to this opportunity.

The contest has been held since 2013, for the purpose of thinking about the “importance of natural environments”, the “importance of helping each other” and the “importance of life” by drawing a picture of honey bee(s).

Honey bees cannot live without abundant natural environments. It is a valuable learning opportunity for children and adults to pay attention to bees around us and to the precious role of bees in the natural environment on earth.

Last year, 20 000 paintings were entered in Japan and 600 from overseas.

Six paintings were selected from Sophakama and, with the help of Biblionef, are to be entered into the competition. Lots of luck to the Sophakama learners!



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