YEBO starts at Sophakama for the second year in a row!

The programme is two fold:

It encourages young matriculants / university students, between the ages of 18–24 years, to offer a year of their time volunteering in disadvantaged schools in the afternoon space. These volunteers teach numeracy and literacy to a select number of Grade 1–4 learners, increasing the learners’ confidence and ability in these areas. The learners are then able to help their peers back in the classroom environment.

Volunteers are given leadership training, self development courses and innovation challenges in the morning space, which further enhance their marketability.

Sophakama was fortunate to receive six volunteers this year. They all attended a week’s orientation camp, getting to know what was expected of them, followed by a week’s training on the numeracy and literacy programmes they will be teaching.

They officially started at Sophakhama on 14 February ❤ and all were warmly welcomed by the Sophakama management team and staff. 

Amy Killingbeck (Project Team Member) and Bonke Qegu (IT Facilitator) continue the training and management of volunteers to ensure a programme of excellence is achieved. We look forward to a wonderful year of growth and knowledge!

For a small introduction to the Volunteers, you can view the videos here




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