An important part of the Year Beyond Programme for tutors is the facilitation of self-development/reflection sessions. The last coaching session for Term 3 focused on building these skills, specifically for more effective communication.

The focus was on providing tutors with a basic overview of how to plan and complete an effective presentation. We worked on building verbal communication skills, teamwork and planning skills.

Each tutor was asked to prepare a presentation on the topic: “The Yebo Programme”.  They then each presented to a different audience and had to ‘win’ that audience over to the programme. Anathi aimed her presentation at learners and Tameryn to principal/educators.

With the supplied ‘Quick Guide to Presentation’ handout to assist them, they used the 4 P’s model – Plan, Prepare, Practice and Present. Both tutors used the model very effectively.

Key techniques used were body language to hold the audience’s attention, eye contact, varying tone of voice and movement. Feedback was given after each presentation and will be used to further improve their presentation skills.

Well done tutors! You can be proud of your effort. A good end to the term!

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