YEBO yes to the first term!

Our Yebo programme has been extremely successful this first quarter.

Our young volunteers all have a natural gift for working with young children and have formed close attachments to their learners they teach daily.

Learners are loving the Yebo programme and there has been a 90% learner attendance rate for this term.

The Yebo programme has a strong team component. The young volunteers need to learn how to work successfully in the team to which they are randomly assigned.

This can be a challenge when personalities clash and people do not feel heard. Our team faced such a challenge early on in the quarter.

The issue was managed successfully by AVA, Bonke, Amy and our volunteers, who showed the necessary responsibility and reliability. We held a mediated round table discussion where everyone’s voice was heard.

We learnt about the famous Google research study that cost billions, which asked: “What makes a team successful?” The study found that in the teams that worked best, each member had equal airtime. So even though there were dominant people in the team, everyone spoke for more or less the same amount of time.

They also showed empathy towards one another and noticed how team members were feeling. Risking being vulnerable was the key and being willing to show their real selves. Ultimately no one wants to wear a mask to work.

These are our volunteers’ comments so far:

  • “I find the programme enriching both for the kids and us as the volunteers … Reason being that we learn from one another and I feel I am getting wiser.” Xolisa
  • “It’s a good opportunity to learn a lot of great things and being able to work with the kids and empowering them is special.” Lulu
  • “The programme is good and I am enjoying it, and the kids are doing well, but I’ve noticed that some of my kids are slow, so next term I’ll make sure that we work hard to overcome that.” Pozisa
  • “Year Beyond is very interesting and it has taught me to be more open-minded.” Raissa
  • “I find Yebo a bit challenging, but also interesting because we always do unexpected things.” Asiphe
  • “Being in Yebo programme helped me to develop a passion that I didn’t know I had – to love kids. It brings joy to me when I help them.” Siliziwe


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